1. Mi’ gentleman. /Adorns a cat-ear headband and is resplendent.

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    Heyooooo ~

    Y’all would not believe what it took to squeeze into that dress. New picture is from today, old one I’d have to guess is from around 2010.

    What have you done?

    how can this not be considered self harm?

    Or an eating disorder/(mental health illness)? People who starve themselves and control food to be unhealthy thin on purpose aren’t any different than those who control food and stuff themselves to be unhealthy fat on purpose IMO. Same illness, different outcome.


  3. "There are kites and clouds and stars up here," said The Rabbit.

    "The fuck did I just take?" thought Alice.

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    We saw Wreck-It Ralph this morning and I loved it! I also loved Paperman, the short that played before the film. The animation was just stunning. I may or may not have shed a few tears just from the sheer beauty of it all. 


    oh my god can we stop

    a bit of accidental lipstick on a sheet of paper gets played off as flirting because they interacted for ten seconds

    he then feels so entitled to her attention that he thinks he should interrupt her job interview with paper airplanes

    you know

    jeopardizing her future employment

    as if women don’t have enough trouble in the workplace ugh





    this may not seem like much but it lays the groundwork for worse things like stalking and harassment

    acts of violence commonly portrayed as romantic when men do them to women

    young boys and girls are internalizing this shit

    it’s like Rape Culture Lite and this short made me SO uncomfortable

    This so much

    1. We don’t know that that was an interview, it looked more like a regular meeting from the ways she’s pointing at things on the desk and looking bored and annoyed in some shots

    2. He’s thinking this is the last chance he’s going to get to see her again, so he’s basically trying to get enough attention from her to wave at her briefly

    3. She is clearly interested at their first encounter

    4. How is trying to get her to look his way for like 5 seconds an act of violence

    Like seriously I take rape culture pretty seriously and I’ve experienced unwanted attention, and there’s no way to tell whether or not he would back off if she didn’t show that she was interested. It doesn’t seem to me that he feels entitled to anything, he’s just trying to catch a tiny chance to wave at her and show her he remembers her.


    why does everyone who defends this short assumes she’s interested? Simply glancing at a man does not mean you’re interested in him. (CAUSE THEN I BEEN INTERESTED IN TOO MANY MEN!!)

    If you take rape culture seriously and then take in seriously and look on how you’re promoting this.

    Stalkers can be ‘cutesy’, they can use justifications as being ‘romantic’, guys THINK they’re being nice when they sit next to you (even though you don’t want to), when they touch you, when they get close to you. They’re being polite and decent, that’s the way of thinking. That’s rape culture

    We cannot let this go on.

    Sometimes I think Tumblr is just the worst place

    Wtf Tumblr. Tumblr, stahp. 

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  5. 1. Yes, Oreos and a brownie is a wonderful healthy breakfast.

    2. You had a 20 yesterday that you wanted to spend on pills or 10 bags, so why not get gas or a pos flip phone of your own with it? So you can stop borrowing ours and we can stop getting random calls from your incoherent drug dealer who thinks this is your number. And you had enough to buy some travel sized stuff from Walmart, too.

    Or or or…you coulda bought the diapers you’re now whining about not having the money for.

    3. Your junky-acting ass is pissing me off. We may enjoy dabbling in stuff ourselves but we also pay our bills and buy gas and have money budgeted and saved in the bank left over.

    /end rant.

    tl;dr: Place we’re moving in to had someone staying for the weekend while she applies for jobs and she’s wearing on my nerves. I’m sorry but I’ve been around people like her enough I don’t trust her to actually produce gas money after I give her a ride, but she seems mad I asked for it beforehand.

    I can hear her complaining now on (borrowing Avery’s) the phone that people are asking her for gas money, actually. She seems confused/annoyed by it…

  6. Anonymous said: what's a demi-akoinesexual?? ive never heard of it before


    I invented it, demiakoinebisexual is the full term. It means I’m attracted to the same and other genders, but some of the time if they show interest in me I lose all interest and sexual desire for them. Not all the time, hence the demi.

    So, if they show interest in your advances you might lose all interest… but if they remain uninterested despite your advances, you like it that way? So, your sexual preference is basically a rape fantasy. Ironic.


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    What even is fiction kin?? Like you literally identify as a made up person? Is that it? Like what?

    stop, another persons identity isn’t for you to judge especially when they aren’t hurting you ( #`Д´)

    fictionkin is…

    No, I said identify as. I’ve had multiple people tell me that’s what fictionkin is. That being said, I also think it’s silly to have a label for identifying with a character if that’s what fictionkin is. I don’t give myself a label because I like potatoes. Why would I need a label because I identify with a character?



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    What even is fiction kin?? Like you literally identify as a made up person? Is that it? Like what?

    stop, another persons identity isn’t for you to judge especially when they aren’t hurting you ( #`Д´)

    Sounds like a legit question to me tba

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    STOP comparing these things!

    They’re both terrible!
    Just because someone went through ”worse” things doesn’t mean that the other people aren’t allowed to have panic attacks or whatever!

    You don’t know our story! You don’t know what we’ve been through!
    STOP IT!

    Please be trolling/joking.


  10. So in Tumblr logic…is it possible to be an Otherkin who, since they believe they are their Kinself and not human, has dysphoria because of said Kinstate and wishes they were, in fact, human? Can we go this deep?