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  2. 90’s Kids

    And we’re all 90’s kids

    nostalgia is a gratifying, bitter taste in the back of our throats 

    and as you grimace, some old back-in-the-day is giving you hopes

    We’d be dripping in gold, if only we could sell bullshit and bad luck

    we’d be rolling in more money than that childhood swamp has muck

    and peter pan was a dirty lie, well except for fairy dust making you fly 

    we’re still brainstorming for the same escape, gain the riches, find a thrill

    only this time, we’re a bit older, so take a sip of whiskey or a pill

    so hey 90’s kids, my old friend and yesteryear’s familiar face 

    I guess we never really changed that much, the years just picked up



  3. emiello:

    Tonight has definitely made me more convinced that avoiding cishet men is something I should be doing. It seems like - no matter what - they’ll always show their misogyny, homophobia, and biphobia at some point, and I am not prepared to fall in love with someone who could turn around and stab me in the back at any moment. It’s way too much of a risk.


  4. I was gonna complain about Facebook being down on Facebook, but then I realized Facebook was down…then I didn’t know what to do. 

  5. Feels. - Imgur


  6. Three

    And I had a torrid love affair with the heroine of the story
    But her pages tasted bitter on the back of my throat

    She was a sore subject among blood, but her sisters were familiarity among my kin

    One sisters lazy presence hung heavy in the room like smoke
    Another always wobbly, her emotional words always tumbled out crooked

    You could have too much of her and you’d be gone, she was a heavy girl, she’d drag you down 

    My girl, now she was as light and tender as blush foundation, but as bitter as dust on the window sill 

    The  sister with the smoky eyes would ramble softly, laying there like a rag doll with a harlequin grin 

    My friends and I each had our fallback favorites, and we’d welcome her comfort long into the night  

    No matter how their presence drug the best and the worst from our minds
    How they made us say so much but remember so little 

    Whether your reason for comfort was pain or  just entertainment, you were never bored when those sisters were around 


  7. And it’s funny how you reflect back on your childhood habit of nightly prayers with the same amusement and fond realization as remembering that when you were a small child, you used to think yourself hidden when you covered your eyes. :)


  8. What I don’t get is that if he had hung himself/committed suicide in some socially acceptable manner everyone would be oozing a whirlwind of sympathy and exclaiming “mental illness isn’t taken seriously enough we need to help these people!”.

    But, because his weapon of choice was a needle and not a rope or a gun, the tragedy of his passing is instead met with “fuck that junkie it’s 100% percent his fault”.

    What made him turn to that needle wasn’t his fault, same as we don’t blame a depressed person when they see no other option but to jump off a bridge.

    Fuck you people. 


  9. nothealthyateverysize:


    Thin privilege is not worrying if your patients are going to take you seriously as a dietitian due to your size.

    This is like saying you should have a drug addict run a d.a.r.e program

    Well if you wanna get technical a lot of former addicts often ‘graduate’ the program/s and end up working at said drug rehab/counseling/education centers. I’d compare it more to your eye Dr. being blind.

    (via judal-is-my-spirit-animal)


  10. Well, least one thing can be said about this weather…it caters well to the Game of Thrones fandom.